So Christmas is only 8 weeks away, the family comes to visit and the children have 6 or so weeks off school. You can go out, watch a show, visit a theme park, eat out at a restaurant, the list is endless. But one thing we all do is come home after our day out. The younger ones are tired/restless from all the days event…s, so are mum, dad and any guests staying over. This is when the war begins. Most of us just want to crash on the lounge and watch TV while we unwind or tell all our friends what kind of day we had via Social Media. Its now quiet time and everyone sits back, recalling the day they just had. How unpleasant does it become if there is only 1 computer/internet connection and no TV in other rooms? Who starts to yell first? Who is screaming? What do you watch? Who has first turn on the internet? ………
We see/hear these complaints too often, so PREPARE WELL BEFORE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Avoid the rush or even disappointment. Impress the relatives by having your plasma or LED/LCD installed on the wall or a TV or data point in thier own bedroom. Bet you get a nice present under the tree from them lol.See More

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