Qld TV & Telecommunications is your local specialist for all your Digital Antenna, Home Theatre, Computer and Telephone services and solutions.

Our technicians are fully licensed Austel cablers and were endorsed under the Australian Governments Digital Antenna Installer Endorement Scheme for Domestic, Commercial and Free-to-Air Satellite installations before the government requested for all businesses to cease using their Logo etc. However, be assured that you receive the best quality advice and service for all domestic and commercial applications.

Using the latest in equipment and technology, our experienced local technicians can solve your TV reception and telephone problems. From installations on a commercial and domestic level to simple fixes, no job is too big or too small for our team. Our quality of service ensures you get the best solutions to your needs available.

Quality of TV reception is actually important to our lives if you consider:

  • Average Australian Adult watches over 20 hours of TV per week.
  • Most households have more than one TV.
  • The new Free to Air Digital TV stations are fantastic but are subject to pixilation, creating annoying and frustrating reception.
  • Poor TV reception has been known to be the cause of many household arguments
  • Attempting repairs yourself can end up being costly
  • Climbing on to the roof to adjust TV antenna’s can be dangerous


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